The Brand



With in-house printing and sewing solutions, mysimplicated is a renowned brand based in Bucharest, Romania since 2017, selling both online and offline, both customized and in-stock items.


Started as a digital focused brand, from the desire to bring a language which can help you express yourself through full-print garments that augment and represent your personality. Many requests for custom prints made us understand that we have touched a nerve, namely the desire of people to get involved in the creation of the product. 


From that moment we added the prefix "my". Then, we understood that we should reverse the roles and help you become the designer. So, we provided you the tool to express your creativity – the mysimplicated Customiser. Here, you can create your own clothes. Moreover, more than 3,000 variations of prints and colors can be generated from one product, which makes each product absolutely unique.


Thus we migrated the focus from the brand/producer to the consumer. Mysimplicated is a customer-centric brand with a strong focus on user experience. Therefore, your are becoming your own fashion designer, activating the sense of ownership and emotional connection with the product. Personalization is "the ultimate status symbol".


Moreover the brand evolved into making its own Meta Human / digital human to represent mysimplicated brand, so meet our Meta-Owner, Ana Tobor.


We're here for the fearless souls, those who embrace their true selves and are eager to express it to the world. Find your shade! 🦄